Month: December 2016

My Top 10 Favourite Christmas Movies

4 Questions about Chirstmas Traditions

Christmas is celebrated across the world by some 2.1 billion Christians Jesus’s name day. But when you take a closer look at its traditions, you’ll find that Christmas traditions have less to do with the religion more to do with cultural exchange. Here are four questions you may have about the history Christmas traditions:

1. Why is Christmas on 25 December?

No one knows why we celebrate Christmas on 25 December. There is no precise date given in the Bible and early Christians – making the origins of the date murky. The most popular theory posits that Christmas is on the 25th because it coincides with the winter solstice which was celebrated throughout the Roman Empire. This argument makes sense – Christmas traditions borrows heavily from pagan traditions. Another theory holds that 25 December was selected because it’s nine months after Jesus’s conception. But both these theories lack written historical evidence – we just don’t know for sure why the Church selected 25 December.

Arrival Movie Review

Rating: 7/10

Arrival is a smart movie. Then again, in a world dominated by Marvel and D.C, any alien movie without hyperbolic action scenes can come off as unusually cerebral. Arrival follows Amy Adams’ Dr Louise Banks, a professor of Linguistics who is tasked with communicating with Earth’s newly arrived foreign guests.

Moana: A review of Disney’s perfect princess

Rating: 8.5 / 10

Moana is magic. This gem of a film gives us the 21st-century princess we deserve, using the backdrop of the Pacific Islands to bring us a story of a young girl who is doing her best to stay true to herself and her people. Moana is the young daughter of a chief who has an inexplicable call to the ocean, despite her father’s clear instructions to never, ever, go beyond the reef. Yes, we’ve heard stories like this before, but never quite like this.

World, Meet Siki


 Who Killed Biko?

Three words. One powerful, layered statement which conjures up a collective pain and an unresolved history. Pigments – a word that may bring to mind splashes of colour and joy and the creative process. This is the contrast that shapes of the context of Siki Msuseni, one of South Africa’s up and coming designers (although she bawks at the term). Siki is making waves on Instagram with her politically conscious tote bags about fallen heroes who were killed in the quest to dismantle apartheid through her vibrant company, Pigments Studio.