Who Killed Biko?

Three words. One powerful, layered statement which conjures up a collective pain and an unresolved history. Pigments – a word that may bring to mind splashes of colour and joy and the creative process. This is the contrast that shapes of the context of Siki Msuseni, one of South Africa’s up and coming designers (although she bawks at the term). Siki is making waves on Instagram with her politically conscious tote bags about fallen heroes who were killed in the quest to dismantle apartheid through her vibrant company, Pigments Studio.

I had to find out why Steve Biko, why tote bags and what we could expect next from Pigments Studio. “What brought the idea of creating these tote bags were my observations that in our school curriculum a lot was omitted about South African history. A lot of issues that were swept under the rug are coming to surface 22 years later in post-apartheid South Africa. I wanted to start a dialogue with ordinary South Africans through these bags” says Siki.  One only needs to walk through the Joburg CBD on a Saturday to see that Siki has achieved this goal.

The “Who Killed Biko?” tote bags are now sold out, but Siki plans to introduce new designs soon.

Rapid Fire Questions with Siki

Favourite 2016 trend? Bardot (off-the-shoulder tops) and Culottes
Taylor or Kimye? Kimye
Sneakers or heels? Sneakers
Who’s your style Icon? Solange Knowles, Zanele Kumalo
Favourite song right now? DJ Khaled – I got the keys
What’s your Spirit animal? Solange
Plain or pattern? Defs pattern
Lipgloss or Lipstick? Lipstick
Can’t live without wardrobe staple?  My Casio watches. I’m  building a collection.

If you’d like to be styled by Siki and her team, pop her an email: siki@pigmentsbysiki.com

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